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SEO vs Search Engine Marketing in Michigan

8. June, 2011|internet marketing, internet marketing michigan, search engine marketing, search engine marketing michigan, search engine optimization, SEM, SEO, seo michigan|No comments

The Difference Between a Search Engine Optimization Company and a Search Engine Marketing Company


In Michigan alone there are hundreds of search engine optimization companies. Very few of them are search engine marketing companies. This causes major confusion and false expectations for consumers. With search engine optimization most companies just go through your site and optimize it so that when a search engine spider comes through it can properly index your site. They do this by cleaning up the URLs and adding the right keywords. They usually stop right there. With ADEPT we are a search engine marketing company. We not only go through and clean up your site and get it ready for the spiders to come crawl your site, we compete for the first spot on Google for your keywords. Without giving away our trade secrets, we use a combination of various methods that we have perfected to get you on the front page of Google in less time then any other search engine marketing company. Many companies go around offering tons of services like pay per click ads, social media, search engine optimization, and various other things. We offer just search engine marketing because it is what we are the best at and with our skills there is no need for other services to get you on the front page. We do this better than any other company out there. We get amazing results, faster then any company. What takes another company six months, we do in a month or less. Let us help you dominate your market today!


We don’t just do internet marketing for Michigan, we do national and global campaigns too! Contact us today for more information and our results!.

Google Vs Yellow Pages

7. June, 2011|internet marketing, internet marketing michigan, local internet marketing, localized marketing, search engine marketing, search engine marketing michigan, search engine optimization, SEO, seo michigan|No comments

Let’s face it: Most of us don’t really use the Yellow Pages to find stuff locally any more… Or do we? That was the question I wanted to answer about a week ago. My gut told met that probably three quarters of people have abandoned the Yellow Pages, even in online form, in favor of Google and other search engines to find local businesses, products, and services. Problem was, I was having a hard time finding objective data (not funded by Yellow Pages or associated organizations). There was only one thing to do… Hit the streets!

To make a long story short, I hit the streets here in Howell, MI (Livingston County),  and started surveying people. My basic survey question was this:

“When looking for something locally, whether a business, product, or service, are you more likely to use the Yellow Pages or Google?” I made sure to count online Yellow Page usage with the Yellow Page votes. My guess is that half of the people that indicated they use online Yellow Pages may well have been using other listing services that are FREE. In any case, I tallied it all up. Here’s what I found:

Search Engine Marketing Google vs Yellow Pages Howell MI

Obviously, Google won that battle. Now, before you jump all over my back about biases, I want to note that I actually approached an evenly-spread audience, in terms of age. The total sample size was 103. Of those, 30 were under 25, 38 were between 25 and 50, and 35 were over 50 years of age. In the under 25 group, I wasn’t surprised to find that participants were 14 times more likely to look for local businesses, products, and services using Google than using the Yellow Pages. In the 25-50 group, participants were exactly 5 times more likely to use Google. And here’s the kicker: Even in the over 50 group, participants were still 1.3 times more likely to use Google than the Yellow Pages. What I will say (though my data did not allow me to calculate this exactly) is that participants who were MUCH older than 50 (say 70+) were more likely to use the Yellow Pages than Google. Surprisingly though, a fair number still opted for Google.

What can we learn from this? I think it’s simple: The market has shifted, and the new best place to advertise your business locally is in the search results. The best way to do it is with a firm that provides the best search engine marketing service available. Once again, can you really afford NOT to work with us?

The world’s…

Best search Engine Marketing Company


Our Search Engine Marketing Team

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At ADEPT, we’re passionate about internet marketing and progressive, ethical business. Our leadership team is made up of accomplished entrepreneurs who have a knack for internet marketing. We are the best at what we do because we love what we do.

Leadership Team

Bob Piesz: Co-Founder and CEO

New Media Marketing Engineer

Bob Piesz has always been obsessed with social media and web development. Just out of High School, Bob started working for Renaissance Music Group, a record label promoting local artists. There he expanded his art of web development and online marketing and soon after co-founded his first marketing company, NP Designs. NP Designs’ first clients included the record label he worked for as well as Farmacy Records out of Detroit. Continuing forward, Bob got involved in various side projects including The Freedom Skater, and soon after, working with the founders of and various other popular websites.

Bob then went off on his own and started ADEPT Marketing Solutions, a company based upon his new found marketing techniques. With ADEPT, Bob holds the power to increase the rank of any website on Google, which is the best way to increase traffic on your website. Bob constantly enjoys learning as much as he can about online marketing, social networking, and new media marketing.

Austin Szelkowski: Co-Founder and Accounts Manager

Business Strategist

Austin Szelkowski recently skated across America as The Freedom Skater, caring a message of entrepreneurship, ambition, and freedom to American youth. The Freedom Skater Tour was a joint venture between Austin Tells LLC and American Pioneer Ventures. Austin is a new breed of inspirational speaker, because he connects his speaking to the real world of business as he lives it. He has a knack for strategic planning and the decisive energy to rapidly implement plans. Austin is focused on movement and specializes in bringing ideas from concept to market. He views business as a vehicle for social change and envisions economic and social reform driven by the passion people find for the work of their own hands.

Austin obtained his B.S. in mechanical engineering at Kettering University in Flint, MI (formerly GMI). He spent one semester of his undergrad studying in Esslingen, Germany and has a passion for foreign cultures and languages. He is conversationally fluent in German.

Bryan Butvidas: Co-Founder and Director of Marketing

SEO Strategist

Bryan has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, LA Weekly, Howard Stern and other national media outlets for his business accomplishments. A designer at heart, Bryan is also highly skilled in marketing, search engine optimization, and business management. Being a previous owner of two publications, two mobile tech companies, a software development company, and a promotion products company, Bryan has a well-rounded knowledge of core business principles: marketing, customer service, advertising, and what it takes to take control of the web and make it work for clients. With all his companies, Bryan applied his methods of SEO to dominate Google results in each of his niche markets..

Exclusive Local SEO and Search Engine Marketing

7. January, 2011|internet marketing, local internet marketing, localized marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, SEM, SEO, seo michigan|No comments

When it comes to internet marketing SEO and search engine marketing, some people like to get as many clients as they can. They especially like to piggyback off of current clients to land similar clients. We have a more exclusive approach. The way we see it, we are so confident in our methodology that we both plan and expect for our clients to dominate their local market niche.

That’s pretty cool, but it also necessitates one thing: exclusivity. Since we expect to make our clients dominate their niche, we can only take on one client per niche per market. Otherwise, we would have to compete with ourselves. We DON’T want to do that, because we make for a pretty tough competitor. One client per niche per market. That’s how we do business.

Do you dominate your local search listings like this?:

dominate your local search listings!.


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