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 Awareness. Social Engagement. Customer Retention.

Social media can be a powerful web traffic driver.

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It just needs to be executed correctly and consistently, based on a sound strategy as it requires more than a Facebook profile, an Instagram picture, or a Twitter feed.

 Adept Marketing Solutions is committed to helping you define and execute a social media strategy that will lead to:

  • more website traffic

  • higher customer engagement

  • better customer retention​ and satisfaction


Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online. Creating a profile or signing up on any social media platform does not involve any costs. Also, paid advertising costs on social media platforms are usually lower compared to Google CPC advertising. 

At the same time,  social media platforms provide insights in regards to customer behaviour and consumer data analysis, useful to refine and further optimize advertising strategies.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Besides the fact that it is inexpensive, many benefits of social media marketing can help a business grow:

•    Increases website traffic and foot traffic. Sharing informative and useful content via social media posts and paid ads are great ways to attract visitors to your website (and to your brick-and-mortar business location if you have one).

•    Generates leads. All social media networks offer several advertising options, primarily purposed for lead generation and getting the right traffic for the business. Thus, getting more opportunities to convert visitors into prospects and clients.

Increases brand credibility. Using social media to tell your brand story is a great way to showcase your mission, vision, values, as well as products and services. It is also a great way to showcase who stays behind them. Emphasizing the human factor through constant engagement and dialogue demonstrates business’ good faith. The process will increase brand trust and credibility as people are looking to do business with other people, not companies.

•    Allows gaining market insights. Social media is a great way to monitor competitors’ tactics and strategies and learn their preferred ways to promote their business. Also, social media offers valuable insights related to customers’ needs that can be used to refine products and services and make more informed business decisions.

•    It is perfect for building relationships. Since it promotes connections, networking, and dialogue, social media is the right place to engage directly with other businesses or potential partners. 

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