Antigua, Guatemala: break out of your comfort zone

Antigua, Guatemala, grabs your hands on a surplus of record, beauty, adventure, superb food, and way of life. For the city’s record, ruins beautify its many churches and resorts, some dating back to the mid 1500’s. Magnificence displays its smile with Antigua’s surrounding volcanoes embracing shiny blue skies and dancing clouds.

Climbing to the spitting lava, probably selecting to camp overnight adjacent to Fuego or Pacaya, gives one the adrenaline rush for adventure. Sushi, lasagna, banana bakery, tortillas drenched in unique guacamole: you can get them conveniently within a few minute’s walk from Parque Central. Mayan way of life colors metropolis with the glowing dresses of the persons, the Artistic Industry, and the endearing smiles of most who adorn Antigua.

Yet, it really is another environment that pieces Antigua aside. Other destinations in the same way have history, magnificence, adventure, fantastic meals, and culture. But in Antigua, you can simply immerse yourself in learning espanol and volunteering. Should you be like me, it will be this combination that brings you back again and again to Antigua.

Antigua, Guatemala break out of your comfort zone

Antigua, Guatemala break out of your comfort zone

Antigua’s language schools cater to travelers from all over the world. You can choose your hours, your field of interest, and your length of stay. You decide if you’re up for living with a host family or in the event that you would be convenient in a hotel, apartment, or guesthouse. Most schools will gear your lessons to one-on-one instruction with your teacher. I have had four different teachers at La Union in the past three years, and they have all been fantastic. Carlos flavored our lessons with indigenous poetry, knowing my love for Spanish literature. Stephanie enunciated so clearly that I thought Henry Higgins had prepped her. Nora had me laughing all night at a time with her masterful storytelling. And Silvia demonstrated the patience of Task as she finally connected to my storage the difference between “fui” and “fue.” Various other highly recommended institutions incorporate Academia de Espanol, Academia de Espanol Sevilla, and Ixchel Spanish Institution. The teachers happen to be passionate about instructing you, and you, subsequently, should come to appreciate Spanish passionately.

Antigua is also a place where your visit will make a difference. You do not have to spend to volunteer. You do not have to commit yourself to a strenuous schedule. You do not need to worry about your lack of fluency with Spanish. Others will help you.

No matter your interest, there’s a perfect match for you. If you wish to rescue abandoned and abused animals, contact Aware. If you wish to assist disadvantaged children, visit EducArte, Ninos de Guatemala, or Nuestros Ahijados. If malnourished children speak to your heart, Casa de Jackson would be a perfect fit. Twelve months old infants weighing significantly less than 15 pounds will commence to flourish as a result of you.

I’ve the privilege of volunteering at Albergue Hermano Pedro, a ten minute poultry bus ride from Antigua. Below, I help with 76 beautiful kids who’ve cerebral palsy or equivalent handicaps. I coach the kids simple factors: to pronounce letters, hold crayons, pass flashcards one to the other, or transform pages in a e book. In turn, the kids teach me superb things: to take time to hold another’s side; to smile at the dance of the jacaranda blossoms because they carpet the lawn; to whirl a wheelchair to the backdrop music of Barney; and come to learn an employee that cleans, feeds others, dispenses drugs, and tenderly administers to phenomenal necessities.

Talk about Antigua, Guatemala, to those people who have been there and you will probably wrap up mesmerized because they rave about its churches, volcanoes, eating places, and cobblestone streets. Talk about Antigua to those that return to its splendor year after year and you’ll no doubt be brought into their globe of enchantment as they describe learning a new language, coming to appreciate a distinct culture, and expanding from one’s comfort zone in the perfect spot to volunteer.

General Information


1. Hotel La Sin Ventura. Large, clean areas. Located just a half a block from Parque Central. Can be noisy on weekend nights with disco next door. Inexpensive: $25.

2. Hotel Quinta de las Flores. Has hotel rooms plus two storey homes. Very pretty. $65.

3. Hotel Antigua. Huge, colonial style. Good swimming pool and patio region. $90.

4. Casa Santo Domingo Hotel. Extravagance hotel in the lavish remains to be of the Santo Domingo monastery. Significant pool. Excellent cafe. Six block walk to Parque Central. $160 (usually less costly thru Elizabeth Bell’s site:


1. Rainbow Cafe. Little people’s hangout. Breakfast served all day long. Excellent Cajun poultry, fruit smoothies and guacamole. Often lectures about way of life are presented below.

2. The Bagel Barn. Next to Parque Central. Enjoy videos displayed here daily.

3. Mono Loco. Next to Parque Central. Multi-level expat bar. Silver screen tvs for sports. Extremely popular. Fantastic nachos.

4. Fridas. Mexican fare specialties. Make an effort their salads and enchiladas. Near La Merced Church.

5. Pena de Sol Latino. Between Parque Central and Industry. Superb music or dance presentations every evening/night. Delicious margaritas, hamburgers, and chocolate brownies to die for.

Language Schools:

1. Centro Linguistico La Union. One-on-one instruction. Very adaptable program. Classes educated in external patio.

2. Academia de Espanol Guatemala.

3. Academia de Espanol Sevilla. Very good activity program to improve words instruction. Near San Francisco Church.

4. Ixchel Spanish School. Extremely friendly staff.

Prices for instruction vary, based on choice of school, time of instruction, amount of instruction. Average expense is normally $120 for four time of instruction weekly, one-on-one

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Aware. Gets results to rescue and revive abandoned and abused family pets.

2. EducArte. Works to supply prospects to low cash flow family members through education, health and nutrition programs.

3. Ninos de Guatemala. Produces educational applications for poor children.

4. Nuestros Ahijados. Assists poverty-level children in educational, sociable, physical and spiritual expansion.

5. Casa Jackson. Located in town adjacent to Antigua. Homes malnourished infants and toddlers.

6. Albergue Hermano Pedro. Hospice for severely handicapped, generally children. Located in San Pedro, area adjacent to La Antigua.

7. WINGS. Gives reproductive health and family planning providers to low-income family members.

Bonnie Lynn is definitely a freelance writer currently based in California.

Lynn, Bonnie