It may be a wrong conception that the nursery of your baby as well as the best pack and play for children are always the safest place in your house (you can visit and read for choosing the best ones) because in fact, it still has a lot of overlooked and potential dangers. Below are some simple methods for checking safety in your baby’s nursery.

1/ Don’t Use Crib Bumpers

Perhaps you will be attractive to utilize a crib bumper because most of people consider it as a great method for protecting your baby away hitting its head and stop it from slipping one leg or arm through the crib bumper. However, according to the American Academy of Pedatrics, parents should say “no” to crib bumper.

Even the newest crib bumpers having “breathable” made of mesh is very dangerous for your baby to utilize as the change to roll over and get its face stuck up is still very high. Do you want it is suffocation? Of course, it’s no. So never use it.


2/ Secure All Dressers

Although it is very important to pay attention this danger, it is commonly overlooked most. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each 2 week, there is a baby dies especially most of these cases are results of tip-over accident. In particular, the climbing and curious babies want to try dressers more than others so the risks of falling out of nursery is also higher which causes serious injuries. I can’t imagine how is more dangerous, if your baby opens drawers or you leave accidentally drawers open.

Moreover, you had better pay attention other big furniture pieces: TV stands and changing tables as well as protect the items on the wall by standard kits. It is very easy for you to buy these at any home and goods stores or online shops: eBay, Amazon.

3/ Remember to Pay Attention Fan

Although setting up a fan in baby room is able to decrease the SIDS risk, it is also considered as a potential danger. Below are safety you ought to check:
  • Put fan far away the reach of baby. Don’t install it on table because it is very easy to fall down and hit on your baby. What will happen, in case your toddler try to reach fan?
  • If the floor is position where you choose for fan, remember to unplug it whenever you don’t utilize and cover outlet.
  • Clean fan as much as possible in order to prevent dirt from air in your baby room
  • The fan guard can protect your kid’s fingers away the danger of fan.

4/ Changing Tables

I knows changing table is one of very convenient items, it contains a large potential risk. For example, most of little babies are able to push themselves off table for rolling off to be injured. In fact, there aren’t any official recommendations against utilizing change tables but before buying a model, you must make sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of official changing table. In case you own a short space, it will be easier and safer for stashing some supplies of diaper in baskets on the floor.

5/ The Crib Mattress

This is one of overlooked things easily but unfortunately, the crib mattress will cause danger to your baby very much. For instance, according to the University of Texas, Austin, toxic chemicals are emitted into the air from mattress like cleaning product. Do yo want this damage next to your baby’s nursery?
 Best Organic Crib Mattress
Below are the bad news about it:
  • Chemicals from body heat will release at a high rate
  • These chemicals emit directly into respiratory system
  • The newest model releases toxic chemicals as much as possible including limonene, linalool, phenol and neodecanoic.
  • Therefore, to avoid this, you ought to look for a certified organic model with support of some tips to create a chemical-free nursery.